Automate contract negotiations

NegotiationApp is a contract negotiation platform powered by revolutionary technologies such as AI and Blockchain. It allows the users to quickly create and execute contracts that are readable by computers and connected with the Internet of Contracts. 

Internet of Contracts

Internet of Contracts is a network of interconnected and self-executed contracts that revolutionize the way how contracts are created and executed. In the world where millions of contracts are concluded each day, the mission of Internet of Contracts is to reduce the transaction costs and increase transparency.

Use cases

Commercial contracts

Optimize the supply chain by connecting all contracts in the chain with suppliers and customers and creating the dependencies between them.  

Lending & Investments

Control the execution of conditions precedent and create the network of connected loans, collaterals and cross-default provisions.

M&A and Corporate

Connect MoU, Confidentiality agreement, Share Purchase Agreement, and monitor post-completion metrics automatically.


In an era of technological dominance, the contracts are created and negotiated with digital tools and electronic communication. Blockchain is a technology for efficient and trustful interaction between parties which allows them to create interconnected and self-executed contracts in electronic form. Blockchain network processes the data securely and transparently, while procuring privacy.


AI fosters legal innovation by automating routine legal work. AI is used to extract, clasify and summarize the fragmented legal information, to find established patterns in negotiated process and identify the risks based on the analysis of massive legal precedents. 


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